Hell: A Survival Guide

Cutting/Blood Flow Injuries

Oct 31, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Understand that blood is energy. Blood is needed to push oxygen into your muscles so you can move, defend, and operate in any usable fashion. Without blood, you will lose your ability to move, without movement, you will be susceptible to sinking into the Skin-Land. If this occurs, there will be no chance for your redemption, and you will become a permanent part of Hell. 

Injury, Repair, and Additions

Oct 24, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

When you inevitably become injured, there are a few things to note about its effects upon you. Suffice it to say, your body will follow the same general principals of pain and physical reactions: blood will flow out of wounds, broken bones will break and if not set correctly will rebind in awkward positions, organs will become dislodged or spill out if given the opportunity. The difference in Hell, as you know by now, is that this will have no effect on your consciousness. It will only have an effect on your ability to move, defend, and procure resources for yourself. The following sections will explain a few of the most common injuries and how to repair them. It also discusses how to give yourself an advantage in Hell by adding additional body parts.


—From “Hell: A Survival Guide”
By Delta-Delius

Blood Rivers

Aug 18, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

As people are made up of mostly blood, Blood Rivers are a very common occurrence in Hell. These rivers present as slow to fast moving masses of blood seeking the lowest point in a topographical land system. They are often formed from the sliced open skin-land trails left by the Devils transportation system in Hell called The Sled, which will be explained further in the Chapter – The Sled. In more rare cases, large movements deep under the surface of Hell driven by expanding gas cause massive eruptions akin to volcanoes that project or seep blood from higher pressurized land points.  

The Air In Hell

Jun 27, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong
The air in Hell is noxious. It is a combination of aspirated hydrochloric stomach acid, and aerated bile salts. This is created in the deeper levels of Hell as the sunken bodies are dissolved and these chemical elements group together. The gas pockets that are then created eventually rise upward and escape to the surface in large Digestive Acid Plumes. The oppressive and constant heat in Hell also exacerbates this phenomenon by forcing the gasses up to the ceiling of Hell which, for the purposes of the atmosphere, only appears to be about 100 feet high from any given land rise or depression. This low ceiling concentrates the gasses immensely to the point where it will burn the skin and eyes in some of its denser sections. Also, on rare occasions, this density of acid will cause pressure-induced condensation, which presents in highly potent Digestive Acid Rain. (See – Digestive Acid Rain Storms) 

Your Mind and Memory

May 17, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Your mind is arguably the most resilient of your organs in Hell. Hell assures this so that you will be able to fully experience torture, both physical and mental, no matter what it’s condition. For example, if you were to lose a piece of your skull, and with it a sizable portion of your brain, you will find that you still have access to your bodily functions, although it may be significantly or permanently disoriented.  

Your Body: Why it is Important and How it Has Changed (Part 2)

May 06, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

As mentioned in previous sections, your body is the foundation for the pain and torture you will experience in Hell, but is also your greatest resource for survival in Hell. These ongoing sections will explain some of the basics of how your body will function in Hell, how to exploit these new functions, and finally repair/additions to your body.  

Your Body: Why it is Important and How it Has Changed (Part 1)

Apr 17, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Your body and the bodies that compose Hell are the only material things you will have to prostitute to your advantage. Therefore, if at all possible, and with your utmost resourcefulness, you must endeavor to keep your body intact and in relative working order for as long as possible.

Bone Enclaves

Mar 31, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

A much less dangerous and more useful land construct is the Bone Enclave. This is an area where bone has separated from is user, most often torn away or dissolved while the person was within the bowels of Hell. Once in its pure form the bone merges when it comes into contact with other bone, reforming itself into huge masses, then it is jutted upwards from a large deposit within the substructure of Hell by way of flesh tectonics. 

Arm Forests

Mar 07, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong
As Hell is composed completely of human bodies, there are other naturally occurring constructs within the landscape of note. As stated previously, the Skin-Land is varied in its tension and consistency; when the skin is soft or friable, it is extremely weak. Often people will not identify this weakness in the Skin-Land, and when they try to cross it, these areas rip open and the individuals sink into the surface. When this happens, they become immersed in blood and liquefied fat. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to extract oneself from this semi-gelatinous material. 

The Surface of Hell

Feb 25, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

The surface of Hell is mostly composed of skin (approx. 70%) the common name for this is skin-land. The skin-land is generally stiff, but it does flex and is pliable to the touch. When you walk on the skin-land, your foot will sink to about one quarter of an inch to as much as six inches into the flexing surface depending on the specific construction of an area. Although this may not seem to be a significant detail, when running in Hell (and there are many times when one runs in Hell) you will become tired quickly, much like if you were to run in loose sand. There may be occasions where the skin in a certain area is taught enough to provide a reactive bounce to your gait, which can make running easier. But conversely, there are also areas that are more friable, and you may puncture the skin-land sinking into the next layer, which is most often liquid fat, raw blood, or a tangle of capillaries. Breaking through the surface of Hell while running is NOT RECCOMENDED, as you will trip and most likely sink. 

The Wingless Angel - Chapter 1

Feb 22, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong
The Wingelss Angel - Chapter 1 

General Environment in Hell

Feb 17, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Contrary to popular belief, the heat in Hell is not the main opposition to survival nor is there the constant combustion of fire. Although it is hot, Hell’s average surface heat rarely exceeds 120 degrees. This heat comes from two main sources: the ambient light from heaven that is converted into heat when it reaches the surface of Hell, and the radiated body heat from the millions of bodies Hell is composed of. Neither of these heat sources ever dissipates outside of the occlusive atmosphere of Hell, which is why the temperature reaches the heights it does. 


Feb 11, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

The biggest problems facing God in this time are two-fold: 


  1. People are completely inept at following the rules set forth to allow access to Heaven.
  2. Most people do not believe that they are going to Hell, and are therefore entirely unprepared when they arrive.


Unbeknownst to most, God is not interested in what inter­pre­tation you follow of His word. With very little, almost trivial variation, His core principles are the same from religion to religion. God allows, and even finds it endearing, that man has defined many iterations of His word both through culture and individual interpretation. But what He finds most interesting, and most to His dismay, is that even amongst all of these man-made rules, sub-rules, exceptions, and ceremonies, man still seems incapable of controlling his appetites to the point where he can put himself on a direct path to Heaven.

Hell: An Introduction

Feb 06, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

It is possible for you to survive in Hell long enough to be rescued. Hell is by no means a permanent stay; by all rights, it is a purgatory sentence. If you realize the error of your ways to God’s satisfaction, then He can, and will, attempt to save you. Unfortu­nately, as part of God’s bargain with the Devil, He has no divine power in Hell. Instead, only an Angel can rescue you after redemption. Due to the massive amount of people being sent to Hell and the defensive structures the Devil has created, this has become an extremely difficult task. The following guide serves as a resource for your time in Hell to ensure you last long enough to be rescued.

—From “Hell: A Survival Guide”
By Delta-Delius