Feb 11, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

The biggest problems facing God in this time are two-fold: 


  1. People are completely inept at following the rules set forth to allow access to Heaven.
  2. Most people do not believe that they are going to Hell, and are therefore entirely unprepared when they arrive.


Unbeknownst to most, God is not interested in what inter­pre­tation you follow of His word. With very little, almost trivial variation, His core principles are the same from religion to religion. God allows, and even finds it endearing, that man has defined many iterations of His word both through culture and individual interpretation. But what He finds most interesting, and most to His dismay, is that even amongst all of these man-made rules, sub-rules, exceptions, and ceremonies, man still seems incapable of controlling his appetites to the point where he can put himself on a direct path to Heaven.


Please understand this does not anger God. He knew full well that by giving mankind the gift of choice, that this was a possibility. In preparation for this, He has designed a secondary ascension to Heaven through the redemption in Hell. 


Yet the problem has arisen in recent times that the Devil, through his design of Hell, has made it much more difficult for that secondary ascension to occur. This is not to say that Hell is not effective in helping people find redemption. For in that purpose, Hell is exceedingly successful. It is the environment of Hell, and the hierarchy the Devil has created which has made it exceedingly difficult for people to ascend. 


One will no doubt be inclined to assert: “This is not possible, God is almighty! If he wishes someone who has been redeemed in Hell to ascend to heaven, then He will make it so!” But this is the unfortunate error in peoples thinking that plagues the current situation. 


Unfortunately, part of the bargain between God and the Devil was that God have no direct power in Hell, and that the Devil would rule Hell utterly and forever. This bargain solved God’s problem of the Devil’s usurping ways, in exchange for precluding Him to have power in Hell. As conditioned by the bargain, the most God can do to affect Hell is to send His Angel emissaries across the threshold to rescue those who have been redeemed. But in recent times, these extractions have become exceedingly difficult due to the Devils ever-ingenuous designs in Hell.  


—From “God Worries”
An essay by Delta-Delius