Your Mind and Memory

May 17, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong


Injury to the brain/mind in its most complete form is illustrated when one is subsumed by Hell and dissolved within its innards. When subsumed beneath the surface of Hell, you cannot tell where your body ends and where other bodies begin, yet you will still have the full faculties of your sensations. You will experience pain, and the awful feeling of true and total adulteration. Also, you will maintain the memory of what it was to be a whole person, and that memory will plague you for eternity.


It has also been reported that when brain matter is mixed with other brain matter trapped below the surface, it fuses, similar to other parts of the body (See Chapter, Bone Enclaves). The effect of this is that the fused minds share their torment. To many, this loss of individuality is the most profound punishment in Hell. For this reason, it is critical to avoid being subsumed by Hell. 


But to your advantage, less traumatic injuries to your head will have little effect on your overall functioning. Even with damage, you should be able to retain your body’s performance, spatial sense, logical analysis, and memories of the past. As brain will fuse, it has been seen in many cases that adding additional brain matter can even give one insight and information they would not have had otherwise. 


—From “Hell: A Survival Guide”
By Delta-Delius