Review: Texas Book Nook


A very enjoyable read!


There is so much more than words between these covers! 


I loved the way the author stayed true to the Fantasy genre, but managed to incorporate thrills, drama, and just enough darkness. 


This is a book worth reading if you enjoy a good escape into a new world. It is an adult oriented book that will take you on a quest and leave you wanting much more. 


Texas Book Nook - The Wingless Angel



Review: On a Reading Bender


The Wingless Angel opens with a lovely juicy start, drawing you in at once with the eerie atmospherics setting.


I thought the relationships between the main characters were very well done. 


Recommended to people who enjoy the darker aspects of books, haunting almost horror like moments without being gory. 


I did enjoy this story completely.


On a Reading Bender - The Wingless Angel



Review: Novel News Network 



This is a creepy and decidedly different story, a genre at which the author excels, and who skillfully holds the reader in the palm of his hand. 


The setting was done very well, it set the tone for the entire book. 


I loved the writing style overall, it was very fluid and fast moving. 


Novel News Network - The Wingless Angel



Review: The Indie Express 


Writing is sophisticated and liquid, with good pacing timing. Characters are believable, engaging, and have great interactive chemistry that adds tension, amusement, and know how to the story. 


Perfect balance of drama and action. This book does a great job of fantasy elements where needed, but recognizes that fantasy is a setting, that we need to be able to picture. It’s great in the vivid way the author describes it. 


I also liked that there is a complete story. 


The Indie Express - The Wingless Angel



Review: JBronder Book Reviews


5 Stars


Silton is a former army medic that has hit rock bottom. He lost his wife three years earlier to a hit and run driver. He decides he can’t take anymore and commits suicide. He then finds himself in Hell. He finds another person that lands there and they start off on a journey through Hell together. 


At the same time we learn about the Devil, demons, and what it takes to keep this show running. It seems one of the main demons is the last of his class and the Devil wants him to disappear. That those that have been sent to Hell can earn redemption and that Silton is going to have a bigger role in this upcoming battel than just being an Unbroken. 


This is a dark and wonderful story. I felt for both Silton and Montly in this weird Hell. I love how important the body is to the world and the Devil’s curse. It is full of strange creatures that all have their place. 


I quickly got into the story and had a hard time putting the book down for sleep and work. The ending was unexpected and great and I’m really hoping that there will be more to come in this world. I am definitely hooked. 


JBronder Book Reviews - The Wingless Angel